TU Dublin Strategic Plan


TU Dublin was established on 1st January and the task of the new University and the President Prof. FitzPatrick in the first year is to launch it's strategic plan. A Strategic Plan, which all Universities and Colleges have to have, sets out the aims and objectives of the organisation over the coming years, and how it plans to achieve them.


TU Dublin 2030 is set out through the lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals with short, medium and long term goals that will have an effect on staff, students, society and the world. It is important that students see the ambitions of the new University and what impact it intends to make on your education, wellbeing and the world around you.


The following is an outline of where the Strategic Plan is at to date after many months of work and the direction it is going in. If you do have any questions on it or any further comments you would like your Union to provide to the University as it finalises the Plan, please email your Students' Union President Pierre on president@tudublinsu.ie.