You will find Audited Accounts for the last five years here.


In addition to the democratic structure in DITSU, there is also a team of professional staff members who work with the elected officers and support them in delivering their aims and objectives of their term of office. Article 6 of the DITSU Constitution states:

‘The Union has established a corporation incorporated under law with limited liability, which it is beneficial owner, herein after referred to as DITSU CLG who shall hold the funds, assets and liabilities of the Union and manage all commercial services or other financial or trading activities on behalf of the Union’.

DITSU CLG was established in September 1985 and is registered with the Companies Registration Office (No: 109412). The primary function of the Board of Directors is to manage the company on behalf of the members. The Company constitution provides for the delegation of the members management power to the Board of Directors.

The purpose of the board in any organisation has three main functions namely - Governance, Management and Operations. The accounts of DITSU CLG are audited annually and once approved and adopted at the AGM of DITSU CLG they are lodged with the Companies Registration Office.

4 Sabbatical Officers (full time elected officers)

  • Deputy President City Campus -  Rebecca Gorman
  • Vice President for Education City Campus - Daniel Sogaolu
  • Vice President for Welfare and Equality City Campus - Moya Browne
  • Vice President for Events and Equality City Campus - Barry Ega

Two TU Dublin SU City Campus Directors (elected by Student Council)

  • Mark O'Donnell
  • Shane Gore

External Directors:

  • Chairperson: Anne Connolly
  • Catherine Byrne
  • Tom Costello
  • Gemma Daly

In attendance:

  • President TU Dublin Students' Union - Pierre Yimbog
  • Deputy President Blanchardstown Campus - Luke Daly
  • Deputy President Tallaght Campus - Amy Keatinge
  • Company Secretary:  Maura Cunningham (Deputy CEO, DITSU CLG)